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We bring cutting-edge solutions, staying ahead in hospitality technology for seamless guest experiences.


From database management to POS upgrades, we optimize operations tailored to your business needs.


Our 24/7 support ensures your systems run flawlessly, elevating your hospitality business with confidence.

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Our Service

Complete System Support

Comprehensive support for OPERA PMS, Simphony POS, and Oracle Database, ensuring seamless operations and swift issue resolution.

Advanced Integration Solutions

Expert integration of OXI, OPI, and IFC technologies, enhancing connectivity and system functionality.

Proactive Maintenance Services

Timely patching and upgrades for WebLogic Server and Oracle Database, ensuring system stability and security.

Robust Backup and Protection

Customized backup configurations, RMAN solutions, and Dataguard setup for robust data security and continuity.

Simphony POS Excellence

Full-spectrum support for Simphony POS, covering version upgrades, device enhancements, and server migrations.

Tailored IT Solutions

From annual maintenance contracts (AMC) to POS device upgrades, receive tailored solutions for elevated hospitality IT performance.

Why Choose Us

Unmatched Hospitality IT Excellence, Choose StayWise Consulting

Crafting extraordinary hospitality experiences: Trust StayWise Consulting for unparalleled tech innovation, seamless support, and transformative solutions.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay ahead with our innovative solutions, leveraging the latest in hospitality tech for a competitive edge.

24/7 Seamless Operations

Ensure uninterrupted service with our reliable support, dedicated to resolving issues around the clock.

Strategic Partnership

Choose a partner invested in your success; StayWise Consulting pioneers industry advancements, shaping the future of hospitality technology.

Trailblazing Excellence

Partner with industry leaders, where our proven expertise shapes the landscape of hospitality IT for sustained success.

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